Vega and the Vega Archipelago

Vega is a municipality in Nordland county, on the Helgeland coast.
The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Gladstad.

The island kingdom of Vega (pdf) encompasses more than 6000 islands, holms, and skerries. Early settlements on the main island date back 10,000 years, making it one of the oldest places of inhabitance in Northern Norway.

In 2004, the archipelago's cultural landscape was inscribed on the UNESCO List of World Natural and Cultural Heritage as representative of "the way generations of fishermen/farmers have, over the past 1,500 years, maintained a sustainable living in an inhospitable seascape near the Arctic Circle, based on the now unique practice of eider down harvesting."

Most of the World Heritage Area is therefore situated in the archipelago beyond Vega itself, the largest island.

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To spend time on Vega also means to "live your life slowly”. This is the place to lower your shoulders, calm down and relax in beautiful surroundings, perhaps together with family or good friends. It doesn’t mean that nothing happens - on the contrary, but you control your own pace.

Norway is the first country in the world which has launched a national certificate for sustainable destinations. The certificate is based on international criterias, developed and tested by among others, the municipality of Vega. Quality label «Sustainable Destination» is awarded to destinations that work systematically to enhance guest experience and reduce tourism’s negative impact.

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