Public transportation

The island community of Vega offers good connections with the mainland.
On this site you will find useful information for travellers approaching the island
either by car, bus, plane or bike.

 Coastal Express The Coastal Express calls at Brønnøysund and just a few yards away, along the same pier, you will find the express boat to Vega and Ylvingen. If you're bringing your car along you have to drive 14 km north from Brønnøysund, to the ferry landing at Horn. From there the ferry boat will take you to the islands of Ylvingen and Vega.
 Vegtind, express boat Torghatten Transportation Company carries passengers on the Express boat "Vegtind" between the mainland and the islands of Vega and Ylvingen. The trip lasts for approximately 40 minutes.
  The same company also carries cars and passengers from the ferry landing at Horn, along Fv17 (the Coastal Road). The car ferry "Torgtind" calls at Igerøy on Vega, and Ylvingen. This trip lasts about 45 minutes. Some weekdays (every day during high season) the car ferry "Torgtind" crosses from Horn, via Vega and north to Tjøtta, about 40 km from Sandnessjøen.
 Buses The company also runs the local bus lines from the community center Gladstad to most of the neighborhoods on Vega, but unfortunately not very often.
 Thorolf Kveldulfsson, express boat Boreal Transportation Company carries passengers and freight on the express boat "Thorolv Kveldulvsson" from Kirkøy on Vega to Sandnessjøen. This trip lasts for two hours and the boat calls at many harbours along the way. An excellent opportunity to have a closer look at the archipelago of Southern Helgeland.
 Widerøe, aeroplane The nearest airport is on the mainland, in Brønnøysund. The service is run by Widerøe.
 Helicopter There's a heliport on the outskirts of the community center of Gladstad.  
Please call 75 03 58 60 for permission to land.