Eider ducks

Birdwatching - selfguiding 

Vega is an ornithologist's dream. Chief among the bird population are eider ducks, raised for their feathers - the houses built for them to nest in can still be seen, alongside lighthouses, fishing villages and dramatic landscapes. 


Boat tours. Experience the unique environment of the Vega Archipelago 


Canoeing and kayaking 

For those who want to explore our archipelago, the possibilities and idyllic spots are numerous. Vega has shallow beaches, fishery harbours, panoramic views and green deciduous forests, bays and coves.



Vega is made for cycling with plenty of flat terrain and good roads. Experience Vega in “slow motion”. Great cultural landscapes and active agriculture can be seen.

Birds and Plants

Birds and plants

Bird Life in the Vega archipelago has a diversity that must be experienced. The flora of the Vega Islands is impressive and exclusive with Vegamaure or Galium pumilum ssp. normaniiin Norway only to be found on Vega.

Fresh water fishing, Holmvatnet (lake)

Fresh water fishing

Licences for freshwater fishing in rivers, lakes and streams are issued by local authorities. They are limited to a specific area and specific period of time and are generally inexpensive.

Hiking, Guristraumen (stream)


Vega has 17 marked hiking trails around the island. Starting points for most trails are the red-trimmed signposts marked "Turløype" along the roadside and / or information boards with text and photos.

View from the Historical trail

Historical trail

The historical trail on Middagskarheia gives you an understanding of life in Vega during the Stone Age. The trail is a bit rough - you need waterproof footwear to enjoy a comfortable walk. Information boards are mounted on low pedestals along the trail.

Hunting, roe deer


Vega has an abundance of animal life. The opportunities for hunting are many. Persons intending to hunt in Norway must pay a hunting licence fee. The minimum age for small-game hunting is 16 and for larger game 18. Want to know more? Contact Vega tourist information, tel. 479 07 132, e-mail:

Snorkel trail

Snorkel trail at Eidem

Swim, read and dive to find the answers under water


Sports, football match

Sports facilities

A hall used for sports in winter and various events in summer, football grounds, both artificial turf and grass and a lighted ski trail are located at Gladstad.

Sea fishing

Sea fishing

Cod, mackerel and coalfish are the most common kinds, but if you are lucky, the more exotic wolffish and halibut will find your bait. If you do not like boats and deep waters, just rent a rod, and find a good spot on shore.

Beach, Kjul

Swimming and recreation

In Norway everyone has the unrestricted right of free access in the countryside. You may go anywhere in open country on foot or on skis and picnic wherever you want. Eidem recreation area south on the island is an attractive swimming and recreational area for tourists and locals during summer.

Public library

Vega Public Library

Vega Public Library serves both the public and the comprehensive school. It is located on the school premises, Gladstad.